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“G.V.Schiaparelli” Astronomical Observatory was built in 1964 atop Mount “Campo dei Fiori”, 1226m a.s.l., about 13 Km from the town of Varese (82.000 inhab.).
From the top of our terrace, a beautiful 360 degrees panorama can be seen: from Monviso on the border of France to Monte Rosa on the border of Switzerland, and all the Alps till Bernina and Monte Disgrazia.
On the south lies the “Pianura Padana” with the lake of Varese and in clear days also the Appennines can be seen.

(click the image to see a bigger view)

On average conditions the naked-eye limiting magnitude is around 5.0, and rarely (when low clouds cover all the light pollution from cities and towns) around 6.0.
Mostly because of haze and moist on the south, usually we aren’t able to observe objects below -30° declination, which corresponds to an altitude of 15°.
The average seeing in Campo dei Fiori is around 3.0-3.5″ FWHM, but sometimes we can reach 1.5-2.0″ FWHM.
With the best conditions possible, with our 0.60-m we are able to reach an unfiltered limiting magnitude of 21.5-22, even if with very long exposure time (60 min).


Altitude: 1226m. a.s.l.
Latitude: +45° 52′ 04″ N (45,8678°)
Longitude: 08° 46′ 15″ E (08,7708°)
Average N.E.L.M.: 5.0
Average seeing: 3.0-3.5″ FWHM
Best seeing: 1.5″-2.0″ FWHM

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