Discovery of cometary nature of 2002 VP94

2002 VP94 was discovered by the LINEAR survey on 2002, Nov. 5, and the features in its orbit put it in the T3 targets list.
The cometary appearance was first discovered by R.Behrend et al with the 0.80-m reflector from the observatory of Haute-Provence, and then confirmed by several members of the T3 project, including Hidetaka Sato, Luca Buzzi, Sergio Foglia et al. and Rolando Ligustri.
On 2010, Dec. 27 and 30 respectively, the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams published CBET 2606 and IAUC 9190 with the discovery circumstances (subscription required).
The astrometry and the updated orbital elements were published on MPEC 2010-Y29.
Now this comet is known as P/2010 V3 (LINEAR).

The original discovery image by R. Behrend et al:

Confirmation images:
Hidetaka Sato remotely from GRAS – New Mexico (H06):

Leonid Elenin remotely from ISON-NM (H15)
(image must be flipped):

Luca Buzzi from Schiaparelli Obs. (204):

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