Our first Pan-STARRS confirmations

On the night between Feb. 01 and 02 the sky was very good so I’ve decided to confirm some faint targets in the NEOCP, at that time full of Pan-STARRS discoveries.
The majority of them were out-of-range for my equipment (fainter than mag. 22) but some of them had decent magnitudes (20-21).
Images below represent our first two Pan-STARRS confirmations: P10003J and P10003H (respectively 2011 BA45 and 2011 BB45).
Especially this last one was one of our faint targets ever imaged (20.7 R).

P10003J = 2011 BA45 (astrometry on MPEC 2011-C05)

P10003H = 2011 BB45 (astrometry on MPEC 2011-C06)

It was good to see our 0.60-m between 2-m class telescopes!

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