C/2009 S3 & C/2008 FK75 close approach

On the night between Aug. 2 and 3 I was able to catch the close approach of two comets, C/2009 S3 (Lemmon) and C/2008 FK75 (Lemmon-Siding Spring), thanks to a previous “alert” made by Seiichi Yoshida from comets-ml.
The field was crowded with stars (Milky Way in Lacerta constellation), but fortunately the comets are both visible, with an apparent separation in the sky of 5.5′ (their closest approach was on Jul. 28 = 2.3′).
On the left is the faintest of the two, C/2009 S3, at mag. 19.7 N. However I had to use a small aperture due to the presence of a star, so its real magnitude is probably closer to 19 rather than 20. At the time of the image, it was at delta=6.210 AU and r=6.534 AU.
On the right, C/2008 FK75 is more easily seen at mag. 17.7, at delta=4.794 AU and r=5.140 AU.
Here is the image:

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